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BABCOCK WANSON remains at the forefront of boiler technology and is pleased to present its range of Hot Water Boiler with guaranteed performance for heating applications.
HEB Boiler Range 
Chaudière eau chaude HEB 
HW 3P 
Chaudière eau chaude HW 3P 
Chaudière eau chaude EPC AC 
18 models
         from 90 kW to 2.300 kW
14 models
            from 1.16 to 10.5 MW
15 models
         from 3.48 MW to 17 MW
The combustion chamber and heat exchange surfaces has been optimised to suit the flame geometry of the matched burner
Strong boiler, 3-passes and low NOx
Solidly constructed three pass boiler (EPC-AC) or two pass boiler (EPC-AC HD) with full wet back transfer from furnace tube.
  • Gas, Fuel, Dual fuel and/or Biogas burner with low emissions and high combustion efficiency specifically matched to the boiler 
  • Innovative and fully proven construction that guarantees high efficiency and long life.
Two-stage or modulating burner (standard) using liquid fuel or gas.
Using liquid or gaseous fuels with two stage and fully modulating operation as standard.
Other characteristics
  • Thermal efficiency  that could reach 96.2%
  • Operating pressure : 5 bar from HEB 90 to HEB 730, 6 bar on larger models
  • Full furnace access without removing the burner 
  • Freely expanding main furnace tube 
  • Combustion turbulators in stainless steel
  • Maximum working temperature of 106°C
  • Design pressure of 5, 6 or 8 bars
  • Front inversion chamber equipped with two hinged cleaning doors, internally insulated with insulating refractory material
  • Handhole on the water side
  • Models from 5830 to 10500 supplied with a manhole on the water side
  • Gripping points
  • Maximum working temperature of 109°C
  • Design pressure of 10 bars
  • Diffusers on both inlet and outlet to ensure good distribution of the water in the body
A complete package :
  • Boiler + insulation + Burner (Gas or oil) + Control panel + commissioning 
    & maintenance services
  • 5-year guarantee on the pressure shell
  • Perfectly matched boiler/burner
  • High efficiency (>96.2%) with low operating costs
  • 2-year guarantee on the pressure shell
  • Reduced emissions (< 100 mg/Nm3)
  • Guaranted performances
  • Perfectly matched boiler/burner
  • Commissioning and maintenance services provided by our technicians
  • Less maintenance
  • Higher availability time
  • Extended operational lifetime
  • Constancy of performances
* Net heat output
For High Pressure Hot water boiler based on the thermal fluid heater design of construction,
please click here.

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