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Recuperative oxidisers are targeted at industrial process where there is a combination of energy demand and effluent oxidation. These types of thermal oxidisers are mainly suitable for high VOC concentrations and lower flow rates.
Recuperative thermal oxidiser
The process plant includes:
  • An inverter driven effluent transfer fan,
  • A pre-heater for the VOC or odour laden air,
  • The oxidiser,
  • Control panel for system regulation with PLC and operator interface panel,
  • Heat recovery units which can recover heat into thermal fluid, steam hot water or high temperature pressurised water and/or air.
Operating principle:
Following the oxidation of the pollutants at high temperature, energy is recovered from the exhaust stream for reuse in the process or elsewhere therefore reducing total operating costs.
Recuperative thermal oxidiser schema
  • Continuous regulation of emissions,
  • Simplicity of control and management,
  • Quick start up,
  • High energy recovery,
  • Safety and reliability with full hazard audit,
  • Range of effluent 1,000 to 60,000 Nm3/h.


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