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BABCOCK WANSON offers a complete range of air heating solutions for both large and small industrial buildings.
gas fired air heaters
Gas fired or fluid air heaters
  • Principle:
    Heating is carried out by recycling the ambient air in free blowing directional discharge heads or by the use of purpose designed distribution ductwork. It is possible to use the equipment with fan only in summer for circulation of ambient air.
  • Air flow range:
    - Gas fired air heaters: from 1,000 to 8,750 m³/h
    - Fluid air heaters: from: from 900 to 12,550 m³/h
make-up air heaters
Air handling units & make-up air heaters
  • Principle
    The air conveyed by the central station is filtered, heated to be diffused in buildings either by direct blowing or by a distribution network of air ducts.
  • Air flow range: from 6,000 to 140,000 m³/h
hot air generators
Hot air generators
  • Principle:  Ambient air is drawn across the heat exchanger as the secondary fluid and discharged as warm air to the space to be heated, either via specialist discharge heads and grilles or via distribution ductwork if required by the space to be heated.
  • Air flow range: from 2,800 to 45,000 m³/h
Hot water boilers
  • Characteristics : Innovative and fully proven construction that guarantees high efficiency and long life due to its low furnace heat loading. Click on the picture for more information.
  • Net heat output : from 105 to 4 150 kW
Other equipments 
  • Radiant tubes: from 28 to 45 kW.
  • Door heaters: air flow of 12,000 m³/h
  • Destratification units: air flow range from 2,800 to 12,000 m³/h

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