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BABCOCK WANSON is the successor of two great industrial ventures:
  • the French Construction Company BABCOCK and WILCOX, specialist in industrial boilers since 1898.
  • the WANSON Group, specialised in small to medium output industrial boilers, water treatment equipment and industrial air heaters since 1929.
Over many years of production BABCOCK WANSON has acquired extensive experience through the integration of proven brands such as  PARENT, BABCOCK, BLOCTHERM, DUQUENNE, FLUIDOTHERMUS, SEUM, LARDET, GOEMINE, COBRA, VAPOR, SAFMAT.
Babcock Wanson history
1898  Founding of the French Construction Company BABCOCK & WILCOX.
1929  Léon WANSON creates the WANSON Company.
1951  Alfred PARENT creates the PARENT Company whose head office is in NÉRAC (Lot-et-Garonne - FRANCE).
Babcock Wanson history
1987  PARENT Company integrates with the WANSON Group.
1988  Creation of BABCOCK Entreprise through the merger of the boilers division from BABCOCK & WILCOX and LARDET BABCOCK Company.
Babcock Wanson history
1989  BABCOCK Entreprise becomes a 100% subsidiary of the CNIM Group.
1990  Acquisition by CNIM of WANSON and creation of BABCOCK WANSON by the regrouping of the activities of BABCOCK.
1992  CNIM group acquires ITALWANSON which becomes BABCOCK WANSON Italiana.
1998  CNIM creates a new subsidiary in Central Europe: CNIM BABCOCK Central Europe
Babcock Wanson history
2007  A new subsidiary company is created in the USA: BABCOCK WANSON USA, LLC.
2008  CYP BABCOCK WANSON changes its name and becomes BABCOCK WANSON ESPAÑA.

2016  Babcock Wanson becomes independent with the important financial support from the FCDE (Fonds de Consolidation et de Développement des Entreprises) and embarks on an adventure more and more internationally oriented. 

The BABCOCK WANSON business unit now comprises of: BABCOCK WANSON (France), BABCOCK WANSON Italiana (Italy), BABCOCK WANSON UK (United Kingdom), BABCOCK WANSON España (Spain), BABCOCK WANSON Caldeiras Lda (Portugal), BABCOCK WANSON Maroc (Morocco), and BABCOCK WANSON USA.

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