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An investment which produces more efficient use of energy in processes becomes easier to justify as pay back periods become shorter. Similarly, machine and plant manufacturers are able to more easily justify any additional cost in making their equipment more efficient.
Modern materials, advanced design and accurate controls mean BABCOCK WANSON is able to provide all these elements in its economiser designs. This raises boiler efficiency to higher levels and in the majority of cases provide a pay back period of less than one year.
Flue-gas economisers
The latest heat transfer surface design of the BABCOCK WANSON economisers permits dual fuel operation with both gas and light oil greatly extending periods between cleaning due to the non fouling fines of the extended heating surface.
This results in the boiler efficiency being maintained at a higher level than with conventional designs.
Flue-gas economiser type Removable cartridge exchanger mounted in the rear smoke box of the boiler Casing-mounted on the flue-gas outlet With heat exchanger for the feed-water With gas / water / combustion air exchanger
Application conditions
Natural gas only
NG/fuel oil, combined fuel applications
Presence of a thermal de-aerator and cold feed make-up source, and condensate return rate of less than 50%
Process with 85 to 90% of condensate return, and steam production above 15t/h
Efficiency increase
4 to 4,5%
5 to 6%
5 to 6%
Gross return on investment *
Less than 1 year
Less than 1 year
Less than 2 years
Less than 3 years
* This value varies according to the annual operating time of the boiler.

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