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Operating principle
Steam generators principle
The combustion air is introduced into the VAP boiler through an integral preheater, which recovers the residual heat from the final exhaust pass, prior to injection into the burner.

The flame and the hot gases heat a mono-tubular coil of varying diameter via three gas passes.

Feed water is pumped through the coil, which once heated is transformed gradually into steam. An external separator can be installed to remove any residual moisture to provide perfectly dry saturated steam, if required by the process user.

Because of the innovative design, the steam working pressure can be achieved in as little as 3 minutes from cold.

This characteristic as well as the low water volume reduces the total thermal loss and therefore helps to keep operating costs low.
User advantages
Steam generators advantages
  • reliability and robustness ;
  • maximum safety due to the low water volume under pressure ;
  • easy to install local to the process for minimum total plant cost ;
  • rapid steam production from cold start in as little as three minutes ;
  • production of high pressure steam up to 50 bar in standard form and up to 100 bar in closed loop thermo-syphon systems ;
  • burner complies with the most stringent regulations and is perfectly adapted to the application ;
  • compactness with small footprint and low weight ;
  • low thermal losses with minimum blowdown and reduced total energy demand ;
  • especially suited to intermittent and variable loads ;
  • high quality dry steam using the BABCOCK WANSON steam separator.

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