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Operating principle
thermal fluid operating principle
BABCOCK WANSON Thermal fluid heaters are multiple pass coil type heaters providing high efficiency operation.
The thermal fluid circulates in a coil heated by the burner flame and its resulting combustion gases. It is then distributed through a low pressure network to the various heat users. On the return circuit a deaerator/expansion vessel, atmospheric or blanketed with inert gas, ensures the elimination of entrained air, vapour and light fractions before the thermal fluid re-enters the heater.
Effective fluid expansion and deaeration systems with thermal buffer are critical for the good, long term operation of a thermal fluid system. A BABCOCK WANSON Combined Deaerator Expansion Tank (type CDX) achieves all these functions with the simplest practicable installation and can include intermittent or continuous power venting.
The primary circulating pump group provides the flow in the system to take the heat from the TPC heater and transfer it to the users. Heat losses are very low level of radiated heat from the well insulated distribution pipe work.
User advantages
thermal fluid advantages
  •  Non pressurised system
  •  Closed circuit no loss system;
  •  Point of use location possible;
  •  No water treatment or chemical usage required;
  •  No effluents disposal costs;
  •  No freezing hazards;
  •  The very lowest maintenance costs;
  •  Rapid start-up and shutdown with lowest standing heat losses;
  •  No boiler blowdown losses, no condensate losses;
  •  Simple plant design;
  •  Easy and accurate temperature control;
  •  Heating and cooling can be undertaken in the same system;
  •  CO2 and NOX emissions proportionately reduced;
  •  Mixed temperatures can be easily achieved for different users in a single system.

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