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Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in water are very active corrosion agents with respect to carbon steel. It is essential to eliminate them. Degasification can be carried out either chemically (for oxygen), or using physical methods (for all the dissolved gases).
Thermal deaerator
The thermal deaerator under pressure
The thermal deaerator under pressure (0,3 bar) makes it possible to obtain water of excellent quality with very low oxygen content (lower than 0,01 mg/l) and is used for installations which operate at high output and pressure.
The design by Babcock Wanson, according to the physicochemical parameters of operation, optimises the removal of dissolved gases. The feed water thus obtained is of very high quality.
deaerator tank
The deaerator tank under pressure
This alternative design, which gives a performances close to the thermal deaerator (0,05mg/l) is well suited to boilers of medium output and pressure and constitutes an economic alternative to chemical treatment.
The operating conditions are identical to those of the thermal deaerator but the tower and its fittings are replaced by a dome installed on the top of the feed water tank.
Small boilers
The maintenance of feed water supply at the highest possible temperature commensurate with boiler plant performance plus simple oxygen scavenging chemical treatment is usually acceptable for oxygen control.

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